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 2 different tanks, 2 different issues

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2 different tanks, 2 different issues Empty
PostSubject: 2 different tanks, 2 different issues   2 different tanks, 2 different issues EmptyFri Dec 10, 2010 1:07 am

It's like 1am and as i've just gone to turn the lights out i've noticed something wrong!

the first tank being a baby BN tank (mostly common bn's, a few honey and 2 green strain)
I have aquired a pure white f1, such a beaut. I love her very dearly and have never seem another...she settled in yesterday, my tanks mature and i have over 28 tanks so i'm not new to it and i know my water/tanks/food is good stuff. As i went to turn the lights out i saw her floating on her side next to the tank wall, sort of occasionally hovering with the water movement. I grabbed her striaght out thinking she was dead, then she started to wiggle in my hand, she was one of 4 to go in my tank yesterday and she's been in her old tank for atleast 2 weeks with water very close to mine. I've put her in a breeding net to keep her away from any hungry tank mates but as it's only BN's in there and them all being less than 3 inches *her being one of the larger ones* i can't get my head around what's wrong or why she looks like she's dying, she's still tipping on her side and can't seem to get grip on anything.

My second problem
I went mad on a spending spree obtaining various L numbers last week before remembering my common parents of there first spawn (57 in total) needed moving to let the fry grow on alone. I put them in a tank again mature filter, there old tank props so they felt at home and picked up a lovely pair of 1m 1f L100's.
I don't know a great deal about 100's as i've not seem them up for sale before. I put them all in the same tank (2 foot plenty of hidy holes and a large rock with masses of holes. I've heard of males getting aggressive together in a tank but my problem is my females, one has a split tail and a large chunk from her dorsal fin missing, the other has a large chunk of her tail missing and splits in her dorsal....they have separate hiding spaces and the males don't seem interested in either. the female common isn't due to spawn for another 2 weeks so i thought they'd be ok together for a little while....could they be nasty towards each other? could one of the males be doing it?, My common was fin perfect when i moved her in there and the props were what she had in her old tank so i can't see it being them. I'm stuck with what to do or what could be doing it.
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2 different tanks, 2 different issues
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