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 Newbe is trouble

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fearless fred
Fish Egg
Fish Egg

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PostSubject: Newbe is trouble    Newbe is trouble  EmptyTue Dec 21, 2010 9:10 pm

Hi, Let be introduce myself. Im called FRED from Torquay in Devon England. Have been keeping and breeding Ancistrus now for over 4 years but have got a problem which wont go away. Anyway my Ancistrus which seem to be happy and have bred in my main discus tank many times. Started about 9 months ago and I have lost quite a few one at a time. I cant seem to get on top of it. Looks like a skin ulcer problem which slowly spreads over the body and fins see pics. Fin and body tissue seems to gets eaten away and although aparrently happy and feeding the fish eventually die.
Discus are happy with no problems.
Have treated with a direct application of Bacterad but to no avail. Dont want to throw meds at them without having an idea of what is happening. Any ideas?

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The Boss
The Boss

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PostSubject: Re: Newbe is trouble    Newbe is trouble  EmptyWed Dec 22, 2010 5:57 pm

Hmmm strange one this....the first pic almost looks like a bite gone nasty, although i would aim more towards Bacterial Disease, there are alot of causes to this type of issue which means a bit of trouble shooting to get to the root problem.....

things you could check are....

Your PH.. and water temperature of the water, and make sure it is appropriate for your fish. Incorrect pH is very stressful for fish, and can lead to disease.

Simple things like carefull tests on your water, Nitrite ammonia and so on...

How often do you do water changes??? they are mega important for bn's.....

Also do you do a gravel vac?? and how often....

With this being bacterial i would treat with anti-bacterial meds targeting infection....there are lots to use, i use ESHA 2000, melafix and pimafix....ive cured septacimia with ESHA 2000 which is very hard to cure.....ebay is your best bet for this stuff but if treated right it works a treat.. Twisted Evil

But before treating the entire tank i would check the basics above, as clearing the infection doesnt mean your curing the cause and main problem...

I would advise setting up a small hospital tank just for treatment nothing else as if you treat all your fish in one go it may cause extra stress to the fish that dont actually need treating..

Some poeple think that when they do water test's and they come out perfect, they think all is well, although your water tests great and looks great the real problems can be lying underneath your substrate, hence the need for a gravel vac and water changes,,,,

I do a 3 stage Gravel vac over 3 days..a section per day to prevent the tank going into a cycle and causing a nasty spike...30% water each day for 3 days using cold water....

see how you go on and report back with any findings.....

Oh and i forgot to say welcome.. cheers

hope this helps... Very Happy
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Large Bristlenose
Large Bristlenose

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PostSubject: strange marks?   Newbe is trouble  EmptyFri Dec 24, 2010 1:47 pm

it does look like a bite mark but like curby thought it probarly is bacterial i would personally move them to there own tank with more appropriate parameters both heat and water wise as too high a temperature causes them to die alot younger and have they got bogwood in the tank? as this is necessary aswell to there dietry requirements if so i would still give them there own dedicated tank though. Very Happy
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Chief poster
Chief poster

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PostSubject: possible bite or infection on your catfish   Newbe is trouble  EmptyFri Dec 24, 2010 2:55 pm

looks like a bite on it's rear al though that redness on it's side fin looks a little like a sore or ulcer...

would stick to curby's advice which seems most appropriate for now until we know more info, carptamer has given good advice also...

you seem to be on top of it, though would help if you listed other fish in the tank or any thing changed recently,
or any decorations which could be sharp can sometimes cause injuries which you do no expect,
may be a pic of the tank might help Us more for now...

though you now seem to be heading in the right direction which is good Smile

and welcome to the forum and merry christmas..


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PostSubject: Re: Newbe is trouble    Newbe is trouble  Empty

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Newbe is trouble
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