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 Fish for sale

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Juvenile Bristlenose
Juvenile Bristlenose

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PostSubject: Fish for sale   Fish for sale EmptySun May 29, 2011 11:06 am

FOR SALE: Apistogramma Ramirezzi £3.00

Apistogramma Rotpunkt £3.00

Corydoras eques £5.00

Cory Melanistus /Black Sail £5.00

Corydoras Melanotaenia £5.00

Corydoras Metae £5.00

Corydoras Melini £5.00

Corydoras Punctatus £5.00

L-032 Ancistrus sp. £8.00

L-069 Peckoltia ucayalensis £17.00

L-106 Peckoltia £10.00

L-116 Hypostomus sp £9.00

L-121 Peckoltia Braueri £15.00

L-148 Chaestostoma Milesi £8.00

L-201Hypancistrus Inspector £20.00

L257 Pseudolithoxus Tigris £30.00

L-330 Panaque Nigrolineatus Half Spotted £45.00

L-330 Panaque Nigrolineatus Half Spotted Medium £call

L-330 Panaque Nigrolineatus Full Spotted LARGE £call

L190 Panaque Nigrolineatus £25.00

L-191 Panaque nigrolineatus £39.69

L-191 Panaque nigrolineatus £39.69

Ottocinclo marinae £1.50

Sturisoma Aureum £18.00

All fish are wild caught and many are adult size or atleast sexable.

Collection by appointment only, call or email.

Based 10 minutes from junction 26 + 27 of the m1.

Screwcumbers £3.50

Slate caves £3.25

Frozen foods £2 each or 10 for £16

SEX: Various

SIZE: various


PRICE: As above

BRED BEFORE (yes/no): No

LOCATION: Nottingham

POSTAGE (yes/no, cost): At cost but only on smaller fish

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Fish for sale
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