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 Rare Aquatics Live Stock July

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PostSubject: Rare Aquatics Live Stock July    Rare Aquatics Live Stock July  EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 7:41 pm

Posted with permission of the site owner

About us:)
Rare Aquatics specialise in the import and retail of South American Tropical Fish along with a good selection of rare & specimen fish always in stock - we are fully licensed VAT paying aquatics business - customer service is of high importance to us we are here to help.
Our fish are regularly featured in PFK

Fish, Frozen & Dry Food, Equipment instore & online - for all your aquatic needs just ask.

Just some of the fish we have in stock today below, in addition to all our other livestock, all the below fish can be bought directly from our shop in CREWE 7 days a week or ordered directly for UK delivery from our online shop

Rare Aquatics
Unit 7 Atec Court
Lancaster Fields

Open 10 am - 5.30pm , 10am - 4pm on Sundays

Tel: 01270 589006

If you are popping in mention Bristlenose World you might get a treat

Corydoras CW61 NEW Species £9.99
Corydoras CW51 £17.50
Corydoras C91 Peru Bondi True C91 rarely ever seen £15
Brochis Splendens 'Green Cats' XL £12.99
Corydoras Weitzmani £15 Wild
Tank bred £8
Corydoras C138 MEGA RARE £80
Corydoras Evelynae MEGA RARE POA
Corydoras Meta £3.99 L
Corydoras Nannus £3.99 L
Corydoras Delphax £3.99 L
Corydoras Melanotaenia £3.99 L
Corydoras Arcuatus £3.99
Corydoras Melini £3.99 S
Corydoras Super Robustus XXL £39

L134 Peckoltia Compta aka Leopard Frog Wild Caught Adult One Only SOLD
L260 Wild Caught Male Huge SOLD
L260 Queen Arabesque F1 2" SOLD
L190 Royal Panaque Pleco Approx 5" £25 only One Left
L340 Hypancistrus Mega Clown Pleco Wild Caught £20
L200 Green Phantom Pleco Stunning fish 5" £33 ea 2 Left
L200a Lemon Phantom High Fin Pleco Approx size 4" £24 ea
L240 Galaxis Pleco Approx 6"+ stunning fish £40 ea
L257 Pseudolithoxus Tigris can provide sexed pairs £29 ea
L330 Watermelon Panaque Pleco Full Spot & Half Spot £80 ea
L34 Medusa Pleco Ancistrus Ranunculus £27
LDA72 Ancistrus Triradiatus - £13 ea
L350 Imperial Pleco RARE £150
LDA65 / L203 Titanic £100 11"
L95 Pseudorinelepis sp. Pleco £60
10 X Otocinclus Affins Otto £20
L128 Blue Phantom Pleco £15 small
Sturisoma Sp. Amazon £15ea
L270 Chocolate Zebra Pleco £30
L46 Hypancistrus Pleco ready August £150

Leopoldi Angelfish Wild Caught £25
Marble Koi Angelfish £5
Wild Scal. Peru Angelfish L (Trade name Peru Altums) £20
Manacapuro Red Back Angelfish £15
Scal. Red Devil Angelfish XL beautiful £30
Scal. Black Angel fish £12

Zebra Knife fish £16

Flagtail Semaprochilodus Taeniurus £25

Apistogramma Schwarzkehl £15 per pair
Satanoperca daemon £5.99
Wild Ram 'Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi' £5.99
Andinoacara Coeruleopunctatus Wild Caught stunning fish £6.99
Apistogramma 'Sunset' Atulapa Wild Peru £12.99
Apistogramma Apache 'Masken' Wild Peru £9.99
Wild Caught Brazil Apistogramma Cf. Caetei £9.99
Crenicichla Regani - Regan's Dwarf Pike Cichlid wild caught Brazil Tapajos £9.00
Dicrossus Filamentosus wild caught £3.99
Caquetaia Myersi Wild Caught £5.99
Uaru Fernandezyepezi - Wild Caught £90

Otocinclus Affins £2.50 ea or 10 for £20
Banjo Catfish - Bunocephalus Coracoides £8
Hemiloricaria Whiptail Catfish £9.99
Hoplosternum Littroale - Clay Hoplo Catfish £5
Lamontichthys Filamentosa £25
Microglanis Carlae Bumble Bee Catfish £6
Microglanis Poecilus Marbled Catfish £6
Orinocodoras Eigenmanni RARE £9.99
Pseudopimelodus Zungaro £15
Sturisoma Sp. Columbia £15
Tatia Perugiae £8.99

Tetras lots of various wild caught species from £1.25 each

A large variety of other tropical fish in store

If you require any more information please feel free to give us a call on 01270 589006 we will be happy to take stock photos and videos of any fish you are interested in.
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Rare Aquatics Live Stock July  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rare Aquatics Live Stock July    Rare Aquatics Live Stock July  EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 11:44 pm

So not fair living in Aus Sad
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Rare Aquatics Live Stock July
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