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 Rare Aquatics Live Stock September

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Rare Aquatics Live Stock September Empty
PostSubject: Rare Aquatics Live Stock September   Rare Aquatics Live Stock September EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 7:19 pm

Rare Aquatics Stock September Posted with kind permission of the owner.
Voted Northwest No.1 Aquatic Retailer & UK No.1 Catfish Retailer 2011 PFK

All the below fish can be bought directly from our shop in CREWE 7 days a week or ordered directly for UK delivery from our online shop or over the phone on 01270 589006

Rare Aquatics
Unit 7 Atec Court
Lancaster Fields

Tel: 01270 589006

Open 10 am - 5.30pm , 10am - 4pm on Sundays


Corydoras CW51 £17.50 FEW
Corydoras C91 Peru Bondi True C91 £15
Brochis Splendens 'Green Cats' XL £12.99
Corydoras CW61 Green Lantern £9.99
Corydoras Weitzmani £15
Corydoras C138 MEGA RARE £80
Corydoras Evelynae MEGA RARE £150
Corydoras Meta £3.99 L
Corydoras Delphax £3.99 L
Corydoras Melanotaenia £3.99 L
Corydoras Arcuatus £3.99
Corydoras Melini £3.99
Corydoras Super Robustus XXL £39 RARE FEW
Corydoras Sterbai £10
Schwartz's Corydoras £3.99
Corydoras Caudimaculatus £10
Corydoras cf. super schwartzi CW028 Rare £30
Super Super Pulcher £30
Corydoras Black £10 TB
Corydoras Orange Venezuelanus £10 TB

L200a Lemon Phantom High Fin Pleco Approx size 4" £24 ea
L257 Pseudolithoxus Tigris can provide sexed pairs £29 ea
L34 Medusa Pleco Ancistrus Ranunculus £27
LDA72 Ancistrus Triradiatus - £13 ea
L350 Imperial Pleco RARE £150 One Only
LDA65 / L203 Titanic £100 11"
L152 Pseudorinelepis sp. Pleco 5" £40
L270 Chocolate Zebra Pleco £30 TB
Ancistrus L144 £8.99 TB
Ancistrus Super Reds £25 ea TB
L014 Sunshine Pleco 12" + £150 1 ONLY
Ancistrus sp. L156 £25
L47 Baryancistrus Chrysolomus XL 22 - 24cm £137 One Only
L29 Leporacanthicus Galaxias XL 32cm £125 One Only
L134 Peckoltia Compta £33
L309 Ancistrus £26
Spectracanthicus murinus Rare Stunning Sexable Size £29
LDA33 Baryancistrus "Snowball" £26
L15 Peckolita vittata - Candy Stripe Pleco Adult Size £16
L264 Leporacanthicus Joselimai £30

Leopoldi Angelfish Wild Caught Large £25
Wild Scal. Peru Angelfish L (Trade name Peru Altums) £20
Manacapuro Red Back Angelfish £15 FEW
Scal. Red Devil Angelfish XL beautiful £30
Pterophyllum Scal. Gold £9
Domestic Discus from £25 we have delivery on these every week X Large domestic discus top quality German Vred Pigeon Blood, Brilliant Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Blue Diamond , Red Pearl, Leopard Pigeon, Red Marlboro £80

German Blue Rams £6.99 FEW TB
Apistogramma Schwarzkehl £15 per pair FEW
Satanoperca daemon £5.99
Wild Ram 'Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi' £5.99
Andinoacara Coeruleopunctatus Wild Caught stunning fish breeding in stock tanks £6.99
Apistogramma 'Sunset' Atulapa Wild Peru £12.99
Apistogramma Apache 'Masken' Wild Peru £9.99
Wild Caught Brazil Apistogramma Cf. Caetei £9.99 FEW
Crenicichla Regani - Regan's Dwarf Pike Cichlid wild caught Brazil Tapajos £9.00 Pairs In Stock
Caquetaia Myersi Wild Caught £5.99
Uaru Fernandezyepezi - Wild Caught £90 Large
Electric Blue Rams £15 TB
Apisogramma Fire Reds £10 TB
Apistogramma Trifisicata £10

Otocinclus Affins £2.50 ea or 5 for £10
Banjo Catfish - Bunocephalus Coracoides £8
Hemiloricaria Whiptail Catfish £9.99
Microglanis Carlae Bumble Bee Catfish £6
Microglanis Poecilus Marbled Catfish £6
Orinocodoras Eigenmanni RARE £9.99 FEW
Tatia Perugiae £8.99

Zebra Knife fish £16 2 Left
Flagtail Semaprochilodus Taeniurus £25 FEW
Fire Eel 10 - 11" £50

Red Snakeskin Guppys Pairs £7
Green Swordtails XL Adult Pairs £8
Botia Morleti nice Size £5
Various sized clown loach

Tetras lots of various wild caught species from £1.25 each Cardinals, Rainbow Emperor,
Meta, Ecuadoriensis Tetra, Hyphessobrycon Copelandi sp,
Axelrodia Riesei - Ruby Tetra, Alis Tetra also large variety of other tropical fish in store

If you require any more information please feel free to give us a call on 01270 589006 we will be happy to take stock photos and videos of any fish you are interested in.
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Rare Aquatics Live Stock September
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